Speaker: Cheryl Henninger, RRT, CEAC

Title/Position: Director, Population Health and Community Services

Company: Geroulds Professional Pharmacy Inc/Community Cares Health Solutions

About Cheryl Henninger:

Cheryl Henninger, RRT, CEAC, is the Director of Operations at Community Cares Health Solutions, specializing in population health and community-based clinical services in collaboration with other healthcare entities to achieve triple aim.

Cheryl is a registered respiratory therapist and a healthcare business consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including acute care, long-term care, primary care, pharmacy, and DME. After several years in home care, Cheryl became an accreditation surveyor and an independent consultant specializing in business analysis. Her expertise is in business operations, including new business developments and collaborations, management, reimbursement, and compliance.

Cheryl has spent the last several years working with organizations and insurance companies to develop new chronic care initiatives aimed at cost savings through shared risk arrangements. She has a passion for positive health outcomes and enjoys working with healthcare and community partners to develop processes that are streamlined, yet progressive and encourage active partner participation and patient engagement.

Cheryl’s most recent successes include the development of a holistic chronic respiratory program and the establishment of a respiratory network in collaboration with other healthcare and community providers.