Speaker: Terrence Ho

Title/Position: Head of Global Sales Operations and Education

Company: Braze Mobility

About Terrence Ho:

Meet Terrence, a strategist, facilitator, and community builder with experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. His biggest motivation comes from his younger brother, who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and he's been his care advocate for over 30 years. Terrence's personal experiences caring for his brother and losing his mother to lung cancer have given him a unique perspective on the needs of patients and caregivers.

Terrence is the Head of Global Sales Education & Operations at Braze Mobility, a company that developed the world's first blind spot sensors for wheelchairs. He's co-authored the book "Bold Spirit Caring for the Dying" and trained as an End of Life Care Doula. These experiences have made him a strong advocate for accessibility, end-of-life care, and mental well-being.

You might have seen Terrence featured in the National Post, Toronto Star, Healthing.ca, The Disability Channel, and CBC’s Sickboy Podcast, where he shares his experience as a family and sibling caregiver. But when he's not being a change agent, you can catch him relaxing by listening to a podcast, jumping into a cold lake, or bouncing on his trampoline. Terrence's positive energy and drive to make the world a better place is noticeable.