Speaker: Ty Bello

Title/Position: CEO

Company: Team At Work

About Ty Bello:

Ty Bello is the President and Founder of Team@Work and a registered corporate coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Ty is a highly sought-after speaker and provides relevant and best-in-class information during his presentations and one-on-one coachings. Ty has over 31 years of HME, infusion, and complex rehab business optimization experience as a sales professional, leader, and coach. Ty coaches infusion owners, leaders, and team members and raises the bar in their performance and business metrics. Ty also continues to carry the bag and logs in over 250 sales calls per year coaching sales professionals. Team@Work is a sales coaching and business development organization that exists to serve businesses as they maneuver through the everyday ebb and flow of running a highly-focused organization and team. Its roots are based in business coaching and come alongside of businesses and team members to change behaviors and move them from where they are today to their desired destination. Team@Work's goal is to motivate and coach to the correct path toward even greater success and team dynamics.