Speaker: Elliot Campbell

Title/Position: Chief Commercial Officer

Company: Trace Medical

About Elliot Campbell:

Elliot brings over 25 years of experience in the medical equipment rentals industry to Trace Medical. His prior roles in operations, sales and marketing, corporate development, and acquisitions allow him the ability to drive cross functional initiatives within the organization while ensuring the needs of Trace’s customers and the patients we collectively serve are met clinically and economically. Prior to joining Trace Medical, he was VP of Corporate Development & Strategic Alliances for Joerns RecoverCare, where he co-led the acquisition of a publicly traded competitor's division. He also managed Joerns RecoverCare’s numerous key corporate accounts in acute care, long-term acute care, and long-term care. His ability to evaluate customer needs and implement strategies that provide desirable economic and clinical outcomes for patients, caregivers, and the company is paramount to Trace’s continued success. Elliot earned his bachelor's in finance from Northeastern State University and his Master's degree in Business Administration from Ohio State University.