Speaker: Mark Richmann, CEAC, CAPS

Title/Position: Vice President of Business Development, Accessibility Modifications

Company: VGM Homelink

About Mark Richmann:

Mark Richmann oversees the Home and Vehicle Modification program for VGM Homelink and is the owner of Marrich Construction and Design and Jefferson City Properties, LLC. He is a general contractor and has more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry. Mark started his construction career in high school but took a break from construction to attend college. Mark re-entered the construction industry after completing his college education and soon became the owner of a construction company. He is well versed in home accessibility as well as building codes and ADA guidelines. He is a member of the Bremer County, IA Building and Zoning Board of Appeals and the Denver, IA City Council. Mark received his CEAC certification in 2010 and CAPS in 2017. He joined VGM Homelink in 2014 as a Network Developer and is currently the Vice President of Business Development, Accessibility Modifications.