Speaker: Brad Wert, CEAC, CAPS, RRC

Title/Position: Home Risk Assessment Specialist

Company: Cor Freedom

About Brad Wert:

Bradley Wert is an Accessibility Specialist with over 19 years of experience assisting those with challenges in or around the home due to lifestyle change, regain their independence or assist with easing the task of ADLs.

Bradley is a Michigan Residential Licensed Builder, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Certified Environmental Access Consultant, Residential Ramp Consultant, Certified Home Inspector, U.S. Navy veteran, and serves as an Occupational Safety and Health Inspector and Trainer on various issues at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia.

Bradley has been seen featured on local shows, including Graceful Aging and Just Ask. He also lectures on accessibility and design to Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance of Michigan. Bradley has served as a Barrier Free Designer/Consultant since his honorable discharge in 2001.