Speaker: Heather Trumm, BSN, RN, CWON

Title/Position: Director of Wound Care

Company: VGM

About Heather Trumm:

Heather Trumm, BSN, RN, CWON:
Heather Trumm is director of Wound Care at VGM. Heather educates VGM members about the importance of diversifying product selection and incorporating aspects of wound care into their product mix. She also educates members in caring for the patient with wounds. Heather’s past nursing experience encompasses medical/surgical nursing, community and public health nursing, home health care nursing, and she worked in sales for major health care corporations. Heather has lectured at conferences, trade shows, and seminars all across the country. She is a member of the National WOCN Society serving on the public policy committee as well as the nominations committee, past president of the Iowa Affiliate of the WOCN Society, and a supporter of the National Nurses Association.