Speaker: Jonathan Walters, ATP/SMS, CEAC, CAPS

Title/Position: Business Growth Consultant

Company: Rhythm Systems

About Jonathan Walters:

Jonathan Walters brings a wide array of healthcare industry experience spanning complex rehab technology, wound care, home accessibility and modification, and assistive technology markets. He has spent 25 years leading, growing, and co-founding organizations in roles as Partner, Director of Sales, Executive Vice President, President, and Managing Consultant.

Jonathan holds a master's degree in organizational leadership and is also a certified Rhythm® Systems Business Growth consultant. After using the Rhythm® System for several years as the Executive Vice President of a regional home medical equipment company, he has become a facilitator and guide for other organizations seeking to achieve breakthrough performance. His focus centers on leading through learning and pushing both individuals and teams to take an innovative approach to impacting the communities they serve by growing accountable leaders, enhancing the customer experience, and creating values-driven organizational structures.