Speaker: Ashley Hettermann

Title/Position: Director of Product Management, Direct Supply Brands

Company: Direct Supply

About Ashley Hettermann:

Ashley Hettermann has been with Direct Supply for 16 years and is currently the Director of Product Management for all Direct Supply owned product lines, including Attendant®, Panacea®, and Maxwell Thomas®. Her role is to help fulfill on the mission of engineering quality in and cost out of the products the business brings to market. Direct Supply is an employee-owned healthcare company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that focuses on providing equipment, technology, and services to healthcare organizations. For nearly 40 years, Direct Supply has been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the toughest challenges facing Healthcare. From improving care outcomes and streamlining procurement to creating life-enhancing environments and boosting operational efficiency, Direct Supply is constantly expanding its offering and developing new technologies to meet the complex and evolving demands of the healthcare market. Prior to her current role, Ashley was a product manager for many healthcare product lines including ambulatory aides, wheelchairs, support surfaces, patient lifts, and beds. She has spent her time working towards helping achieve quality care through purposefully designed products. She is focused on leveraging the reliable accuracy, performance, and intuitive design of Attendant® and Panacea® products to help providers improve care, efficiency, and outcomes in healthcare. In addition to Ashley's 16 years of experience serving the healthcare industry, she earned her MBA along with bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Human Resources at Marquette University.