Speaker: Anand Mhatre, PhD

Title/Position: Assistant Professor

Company: Ohio State University

About Anand Mhatre:

After completing graduate training as a core engineer, Dr. Anand Mhatre served in the heavy equipment, software, and semiconductor industries. He returned to academia in 2013 and completed his doctoral and postdoctoral training in the field of rehabilitation technology. At the Ohio State University, Dr. Mhatre leads an international research program focusing on user-centered design, usability testing and transfer of technologies for older adults and people with disabilities. His research is possible owing to global collaboration in the disability sector. Dr. Mhatre is funded by national and international grants at the federal and foundation levels, which have resulted in patents, publications, and, recently, an international standard for wheelchairs. He is a 2020 NAM Healthy Longevity Challenge Catalyst Awardee and 2022 J&J QuickFire Challenge Accelerator Awardee. Both awards aim to prevent wheelchair failures and adverse consequences for older adults using wheelchairs by supporting the development of a wheelchair maintenance technology called WheelTrak.