Speaker: Linda Bollinger, MS, PT, tDPT, ATP

Title/Position: Clinical Education Manager

Company: Sunrise Medical

About Linda Bollinger:

Linda Bollinger joined the Sunrise Medical team in the fall of 2018 as a Clinical Education Manager. She has a BS-MS in physical therapy from Long Island University, Brooklyn. In May 2018, she earned her DPT from Utica College. In addition, she received her ATP certification in 2000.

Prior to joining the Sunrise Medical team, Linda was the Director of Rehabilitation at Long Island Select Healthcare. Her previous experience includes developing and operating a seating and mobility clinic for individuals with disabilities at UCP Long Island, and successfully creating a pediatric seating clinic at a local school for students with disabilities.

Linda has shared her knowledge and experience providing seating and mobility services to local community events, guest lectures with local PT and OT programs, and regional conferences.