Speaker: Lisa Ziehl

Title/Position: Senior Customer Success Manager

Company: Brightree, LLC

About Lisa Ziehl:

Lisa Ziehl is a Senior Customer Success Manager with Brightree, LLC and has been in the HME industry since 2004. At Brightree, she works closely with providers ensuring maximum use is being achieved, benchmarks are being met, and operational efficiency is obtained. She is adamant that technology can aid in efficiencies and is passionate in helping HME providers find solutions within their workflow. Lisa is blessed with traveling to HME offices across the country where best practices are developed and implemented. She spent 10 years in a health system-based HME in Minnesota where, as Operations Director, she focused on streamlining front end processes to gain operational effectiveness. Lisa was honored to serve on the Midwest Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers Board of Directors for four years.