Speaker: Amy Streeter

Title/Position: VP, Talent Acquisition

Company: VGM Group

About Amy Streeter:

Amy joined VGM in 2011 as the talent and development manager at VGM Homelink and transitioned in 2014 to the role of manager of talent acquisition and development for VGM Group. Promoted to VP of Talent Acquisition and Development in early 2018, Amy is a strategic partner for the divisions of VGM, assisting with their human capital needs as it relates to recruiting and hiring actions, and strategic company engagement initiatives. Prior to joining VGM, Amy was in retail management working with L Brands. During her eight years with L Brands, she moved throughout the Midwest managing Victoria’s Secret retail store locations. Within this role, she also facilitated the management training initiatives for a number of stores within the central states. Amy holds a bachelor's in marketing from the University of Northern Iowa. Born and raised on a farm in Northeast Iowa, Amy is at home in the country and relocated back to Iowa in 2010. Today, Amy resides two hours from VGM’s headquarters and works remotely most days. This work arrangement allows her to personally explore and learn what it means to be both a leader and an employee in a remote environment and to lend guidance and support to leaders as they broaden their talent search and adapt to a remote leadership environment. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn or email her at Amy.Streeter@vgm.com.