Speaker: Nina Creech

Title/Position: Senior Vice President

Company: Whole Home

About Nina Creech:

Nina Creech has spent 27 years at PWC, most recently as Senior Vice President of Operations. Her responsibilities included the oversight of $13 million, which includes 30+ private and government contracts as well as foundation grants. Each have their own production goals and spending requirements services all year-round.

Currently, she oversees Whole Home and the Innovation Center. This change was made to allow her to extend PWC’s reach to the entire community, helping people to live their best lives and understand the connection between their home environment and their health. The Innovation Center, a new venture of PWC, seeks to build on 44 years of providing housing services to low-income households and apply its experience to educate, create partnerships, and conduct research focused on the relationship between home and health. Hands-on displays, professional and community training, and volunteer opportunities have been created for the community to experience the central role of housing in individual and community health.

Nina holds a B.A from the University of North Carolina, and the University of Cincinnati Executive Leadership.