Speaker: Cheryl Henninger, BHA, RRT, ACHE

Title/Position: Director of Operations, Strategy, and Innovation

Company: Geroulds Healthcare Center/Community Cares Health Solutions

About Cheryl Henninger:

Cheryl Henninger, MHA, RRT, CEAC, is the Director of Operations and Outcomes at Geroulds’ Healthcare Center and Community Cares Health Solutions, specializing in community-based clinical services in collaboration with other healthcare entities to reduce readmissions and avoidable emergency room visits.

Cheryl is a registered respiratory therapist and healthcare administrator with over 30 years of clinical, operational, regulatory, and administrative experience in several healthcare settings, Cheryl has spent the last several years developing integrated care delivery networks that support value-based care and community health outcomes through collaborations aimed at serving culturally diverse populations through effective care management, care coordination, utilization management, and patient engagement techniques.

In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys playing piano, spending time with family and friends, running, biking, and traveling.