Speaker: Kyle Nelson, BS, MBA

Title/Position: Owner

Company: Reliance Medical

About Kyle Nelson:

Kyle W. D. Nelson is an entrepreneur, unconventional thinker, management consultant and speaker who helps organizations to achieve growth targets through executive coaching, strategic planning, and C-Suite leadership advice/counsel. Also, he currently owns, partially and completely, at least 8 different companies.

Prior to this current work, Kyle worked for a decade as the CEO in two healthcare organizations where each organization some exponential growth in size through organic, ancillary and market expansion growth. He has his MBA from a top 25 program and his undergrad included working in a genetics lab for 2 years.

Even with all this success, Kyle felt unfulfilled in life and found his beginning of a new direction on a fateful, trauma filled day in the middle of nowhere in January 2020 while driving across the country. From this he began the slide to his “rock bottom” and his true path to a proper life balance through cutting edge care, advanced wellness techniques and a path to a stress manageable life.  

In his down time, Kyle is working on his book “This Contrarian Life”, pursuing other new ways of body hacking/advanced performance and helping others discover their own path to wellness. He also is an avid golfer, cyclist, hiker and hanging with his 1 year old grandson.

Kyle is available for a free consultation and private conversation about your business, life, or general inquiries.

You can reach Kyle at kyle@thiscontrarianlife.com and 651-334-4492.