Speaker: Kit Shellhouse

Title/Position: Vice President

Company: ECS North

About Kit Shellhouse:

Kit Shellhouse is the vice president of ECS North. She has over 20 years of experience in business operations management.  She has conducted numerous training webinars along with personal client consultations on business operations and medical documentation process development.  Kit has been a featured speaker for industry groups throughout the U.S. and is currently a member of the Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services Board of Directors.   As part of ECS North’s support for the healthcare industry, she travels to Washington, DC to partake in grassroots lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Kit holds a B.A. in Administrative Business Management and completed her Master’s Degree in Business Management in 2002.  Her experience with organizational development, managerial processes, and marketing has led her to be an adjunct professor teaching graduate-level marketing and management classes at Tiffin University.