Speaker: Mark Chelgren, 25 year wheelchair parts designer

Title/Position: Janitor

Company: Ability Products

About Mark Chelgren:

Mark Chelgren is the president of FrogLegs, Inc., and Ability Products, Inc. He is a proud husband and father of two. He has served as a state senator in Iowa for eight years and was a founding member of the governor's STEM council. Mark entered the DME industry in 1996 by designing and patenting wheelchair shock absorbing systems (FrogLegs and BullFrogs) and had previously studied physics at University of California in Riverside. By 1998, he worked with Dick Alshin to redesign manual chair caster wheels, and then after Dick passed away, Mark created a new design to optimize rolling and pivoting. Mark has assisted in the start up of many wheelchair companies and provides free repairs at the Ability Expos across North America.