Speaker: Suzanne Bright, Ph.D.

Title/Position: President

Company: Orca Solutions

About Suzanne Bright:

Dr. Suzanne Bright is a leader and expert in the area of creating and sustaining high-performing businesses, schools, and organizations. Dr. Bright has over 25 years of diverse experience in leadership, school administration, business culture, professional development, and coaching/consultation. As the CEO of Orca Solutions, Dr. Bright supports leaders in developing the skills and competencies necessary to lead well and to build and sustain a culture of success. Additionally, she is known for her work supporting organizations through times of change, including mergers and acquisitions and crises. In addition to her extensive national and international work as a consultant and keynote speaker, Dr. Bright teaches university courses at the Masters and Doctoral levels in leadership and curriculum and instruction. Dr. Bright’s clientele includes DME companies, O&P providers, complex rehab facilities, non-profit organizations, universities, and public and private K-12 schools. Connect with her by visiting orcalearn.com, LinkedIn, or at sbright@orcalearn.com.