Speaker: Christina Throndson

Title/Position: Business Development Strategist

Company: Moxie

About Christina Throndson:

With over 14 years in the digital industry, Christina Throndson is a seasoned digital marketing strategist focused on bringing businesses and their targeted audiences together to meet goals and maximize ROI. As a long-time VGM Group, Inc., team member, Christina currently serves clients with a variety of online and offline marketing tactics within Moxie, a division of VGM. Her unique experience and knowledge in new media marketing allow her to focus most of her time planning and executing campaigns for VGM Group, Inc.'s largest vendor and member partners. Guiding industry business leaders in the financial and health care industries by presenting on the ever-changing marketing growth opportunities and solutions through audience targeting is a passion for Christina. When she's not strategizing, Christina digs being in the garden, shuffling with some friends or family over card games, or hanging with her charming southern husband, Blake, and their fluffy pup, Harvey.