Speaker: Curt Prewitt, MS, PT, ATP

Title/Position: Director of Education

Company: Ki Mobility, LLC

About Curt Prewitt:

Curt Prewitt is director of education for Ki Mobility. He has a B.S. in exercise physiology and an M.S. in physical therapy from the University of Colorado. He practiced as a physical therapist in a number of settings for a few years, most prominently in long-term care, where he gained experience with seating and wheeled mobility. He transitioned from a practicing therapist to a manufacturer’s representative, eventually moving into sales management and focusing on complex rehab technology. Throughout his tenure on the manufacturer’s side in the complex rehab arena, he has dealt largely with pediatric positioning and mobility products. He has previously also served as a product trainer/product specialist, teaching product features and clinical application as well as coordinating continuing education presentations, both credited and non-credited. He has presented continuing professional education courses across the U.S. and internationally.