Speaker: Jennifer Frantz

Title/Position: Director

Company: Maximus Federal Services

About Jennifer Frantz:

Jennifer Frantz has 20 years of experience working on Medicare programs, mostly focused on Medicare appeals. She began her career working at CMS, where she played a key role in the implementation of the Benefits Improvements & Protections Act, which created a new appeal system, including writing the landmark appeals proposed and final rules overhauling the Medicare appeals program. She also served as a business function expert on the transition of the Medicare ALJs from SSA to HHS, which resulted in both a CMS Administrator and HHS Secretary award. Since leaving CMS, she has taken on a number of roles at Medicare contractors in Operations and Compliance. She worked on the launch of the Affordable Care Act Enrollment Appeals process, utilizing untested and revelatory legislation and regulations, moving the program into highly successful operations. She as served as the director of three Medicare appeals programs, including Part A, Medicare Advantage and most recently DME.