Speaker: Louis Feuer, MA, MSW

Title/Position: President

Company: Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc.

About Louis Feuer:

Louis Feuer, MA, MSW, is president of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc., and has been a case manager, hospital administrator, and business educator for more than 35 years. Louis has extensive experience in the home care industry, including being the director of professional development for a home care company with more than 500 locations and 6,000 staff. He has consulted with hundreds of companies, published more than 300 articles on professional development, and had a regular column in several magazines, including "HomeCare Magazine." Louis has lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, and at the European Homecare Commission. He has served on the advisory boards of Medtrade and "HomeCare Magazine." He now is the presenter for his podcast, "My Business is Your Business," which includes dynamic and insightful presentations that have made Louis' programs so popular. He has presented programs for such groups as AmeriSource Bergen, the Annual Leadership Summit for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, the National Home Infusion Association, and the New York Foundation for Health Care. Louis is also the author of the customer service training materials for American Health Insurance Plans.