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Jared Johnson

Elite Leader

Passion. Purpose. People.

The Elite Leader

Tuesday, 8-9 a.m.

Motivating and practical, "The Elite Leader" is a high-energy presentation that captivates management team members and/or frontline staff, motivating them to strive toward their absolute best by connecting their mission with practical ways to empower an elite mindset throughout their own teams and even in their personal lives. Whether presented as a customizable keynote address or as a lunch-and-learn training session, it challenges attendees and inspires them to be passionate about their purpose as leaders who are capable of delivering elite results.

About Jared:

Passion. Purpose. People. These are not buzzwords for Jared Johnson; they are the lifeblood of his approach to leadership. Bringing these elements together successfully is what propels ordinary into extraordinary. That only happens when leadership team members share the vision and embrace the role each has in the process.

Elite leadership isn't a lofty ideal borne alone. It's a call to a standard of leading- and living- that relies on attitude, action and accountability. It comes when team members are energized, equipped and empowered to exceed expectations both professionally and personally, enriching their lives and the lives of the people they lead and the people they serve.

Johnson has a unique skill set enhanced by 12 years as an elected public official and derived from more than 17 years of experience as a healthcare executive, garnering successful outcomes through thought leadership, planning and execution to the management space. Driven by a continual focus on quality and growth, he has an outstanding ability to forge collaborative relationships with management teams, staff members, industry colleagues and community partners, both public and private.