Content tailored to the attendees’ skill levels.

Properly trained repair technicians are important to your business.

U.S. Rehab Tech Training is a two-day seminar on power and manual wheelchair repair. A beginner, intermediate, and advanced track are offered to allow education content to be tailored to the attendees’ skill levels.

illustration of a person in a wheelchair

After this class you'll be able to...

  1. Identify the tools that a wheelchair technician needs to rapidly and correctly diagnose and perform repairs on manual and power wheelchairs.
  2. Explain the operation of the major electrical components used in wheelchair controllers.
  3. Demonstrate the procedures necessary to troubleshoot electrical issues with wheelchair electronics.
  4. Select and inspect batteries for the DME industry.

Beginner Track

We suggest that techs with less than one year of experience attend the beginner track as it provides a basic foundation training for new technicians.

  • Manual equipment: Repairs, adjustments, and other major aspects.
  • Power foundations: Electronics basics, battery theory, and troubleshooting tactics.
  • Power equipment: Basic programming of power chair electronics, acceleration, speed, and other foundational programming tools.

Intermediate Track

We suggest that techs with at least one year of experience and are looking at moving into a rehab tech position attend the intermediate track as it provides an overview for seating and positioning, CRT wheelchairs, and power programming introduction.

  • CRT manual equipment: Aspects of proper set up and adjustments to CRT rigid frame wheelchairs.
  • Seating basics: Evaluate potential seating issues and adjusting equipment appropriately based on evaluation.
  • Power programming: Electronics programming for various electronic platforms and programming features.

Advanced Track

We suggest ATPs looking for in-depth technical training or experienced techs with an understanding of basic electronics, programming, seating and positioning attend this track.

  • Power equipment: Programming specifics for various electronics platforms and set up for complex rehab settings from proportional controls to switch controls, drive systems, and external control options and set up.