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June 13-15

U.S. Rehab Tech Training is a three-day seminar on power wheelchair repair. The course is taught by Matt Macpherson along with technical trainers from MK Battery, Invacare, Motion Concepts, Permobil, Sunrise Medical and Avid Rehab. A beginner track and an advanced track are offered to allow education content to be tailored to the techs’ skill levels.

Beginner Track:

- Electronics and Battery Basics, Motors and Controllers

- Programing for the new tech

- Product specific repair and adjustments

- Industry trends

Advanced Track:

- Programing for the advanced tech

- Product specific repair and adjustments

- Industry trends

- Introduction to Seating and Positioning for techs

We suggest that any tech who has less than two years' experience attend the beginner track and those with more than two years' experience attend the advanced track.



MK Battery and Matt Macpherson present on battery for power wheelchairs including the difference between deep cycle and 12 volt batteries, recharging requirements and chargers, respirator battery backup systems, how to use a multimeter, replacement of batteries, and the differences between AGM and sealed lead acid batteries. Attendees learn about the dangers of overcharging, recycling and specific examples of issues that have occurred with improper use or charging.

Technical Trainers from Permobil, Invacare, Motion Concepts, Sunrise Medical and Avid Rehab focus on troubleshooting issues on their specific power wheelchairs. Each manufacturer covers basic motor location, how to access batteries and controllers, caster beam adjustments (if applicable), seat and accessory adjustments, how to dismantle and rebuild the equipment, electronics, programming of seat and motor functions, and programming for switches and devices. Attendees have the opportunity to ask specific questions on issues they have seen in the field. The class is hands-on allowing for each attendee to practice all of these elements. Manufacturers provide technical manuals on their equipment and information on how to use their website, order parts and tech support. All industry troubleshooting techniques are trained on and any maintenance tips are discussed.

Beginner level attendees will have the opportunity to fully take a part and rebuild a power wheelchair. The advanced level track includes an introduction to seating and positioning for techs.

On the final afternoon of training, each attendee is given a comprehensive exam covering the entire course. Scores from these exams will be used to provide the Tech Training certification.


Class size is limited to ensure one-on-one intensive training - Register now!